About Us

I am a wife to my husband, Ben and mom to two of the busiest, most rambunctious children I have ever met. My eldest is Colton and Ellisyn (aka - Ellie) to follow. 

I am educated as a Certified Public Accountant and still currently employed by one of the big four accounting firms. The same firm that I articled with when I finished University, I have been there for over a decade! Did I just age myself? I recently decided to reduce my hours at the firm, and thats when Mod.Totxx (pronounced "mod-tots") was born. I guess that explains why my children do not have an ounce of of willpower to sit still....

Since becoming a mom and as a full-time working parent, you quickly lose yourself and your self worth. I do my best to ensure my family is taken care of financially, physically and mentally (when I can keep it all together!). I wanted to start this business as a outlet for me to challenge myself, express myself and for something I can call my own.

I have always been a baby gear junkie, but that stage has so quickly passed us. One thing that has not yet changed, is my obsession of constantly searching for new outfit inspirations for the kids. My son is the easiest and would wear anything that we put him in. My daughter on the other hand...she's my spirited child and I'm lucky if I can get one piece of clothing on her without a fight. However, that hasn't stopped me from trying!

My family were refugees, but my parents saved enough money to eventually be restaurant owners. Every dollar that was spent at the restaurant went directly to my family, put a roof over our heads, put food on the table and even paid for my education. Needless to say, I love supporting local and I know the blood, sweat and tears that go into every item of clothing.

Our first curated outfit featured a local brand and we have recently expanded to carry individual items for purchase. I will scour the globe for quality made clothing and I know not everyone shares the same obsession as I do, therefore since I have already done the work, let me save you time and share that with you.  The quality and the comfort of the items you will receive is unsurmountable to what you are able to buy from any big box store. 

So here I am, on this new journey and thank you for your support! 

- Sherry xx